On Farm to Online

In collaboration with Kingthing Marketing, Tasmanian Women in Agriculture offered an online webinar to aid producers in gaining skills and confidence in setting up their own websites. With the dramatic changes that COVID-19 has wreaked upon traditional sale avenues for producers, those able to transition to alternative sale opportunities have a lot to gain.

TWiA has identified the significant need for producers to still be able to move their product and connect with consumers, now that avenues such as restaurants and farmer's markets have been closed down. As part of TWiA's #BuyTasmaniaFirst campaign this webinar helps farmers become confident with establishing themselves online and so connect with consumers who want to support local producers.

On Farm to Online provided producers with an opportunity to focus on the key skills needed to get their farm online and enable them to sell products via an online farm shop direct to consumers. In the two hour webinar participants were taken on a journey from identifying the purpose of the website and their target audience, to setting up their website design and insights into how an online farm shop can be utilised.

It can be challenging to know where to start when designing a website. The webinar gave insights into how to determine the tone of voice your website will employ, how to effectively utilise images, text and colour in website designs. Plus, establishing a website that will pass the 'three second test', be mobile friendly and present a clear 'call to action' to engage consumers in your brand. Simple tips and tricks can result in real returns, from setting up emails to remind people of items left in their shopping carts, to how to design your site so navigation is straightforward and intuitive for users.

This was a wonderful insight to what’s involved in creating your own site! Thank you for the opportunity! It was wonderful.

This webinar demystified terms such as SEO (don't worry we didn't know what it was until we were enlightened by attending On Farm to Online, it stands for search engine optimisation), Google analytics, and just how important key words are in getting you noticed by Google. This webinar takes you step by step through all the key processes you need to know about to get yourself online and selling your produce to consumers. The information is presented in an easy to understand and accessible way, that makes clear what is meant by sometimes confusing and hard to understand terminology.

The Tasmanian Government has also recognised the significant opportunities available to digital ready businesses and has increased the number of free hours available as part of the Digital Ready for Business Program. Businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the range of free online resources available through the Digital Ready website, which include new COVID-19 specific information, as well as the free one-on-one digital coaching sessions, the highly popular Doctor Digital blog and the Digital Check-up tool for a fast and simple digital health check. Making the On Farm to Online a great opportunity to boost your skills and then follow up with further support and input from the Digital Ready for Business team.

Insightful and eye opening, making setting up a website accessible and not nearly as daunting as I once thought!

Those who attend On Farm to Online will be able to access the webinar after the event via a login which will be provided after the event. Enabling participants to review ideas, as well as access to a checklist to work through for your own business. Participants can further build on what they have learned by accessing 2 hours free coaching from the Digital Ready program.

The final live webinar is scheduled for the 28th of April at 7 pm. Please register HERE. TWiA are able to access the course at a discounted rate, but the course is open to anyone in the community who wants to build their skills.

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