TWiA Photography Competition

TWIA wants to build a collection of photographs of real Tassie Women which tell the story of Tasmanian Women in Agriculture. We want photos from you which depict daily Tasmanian rural life and tells stories of Women in the agriculture sector.

We are hoping you will be willing to help TWIA collect a library of photos which tell your stories. We want to see Tasmanian Agriculturists living their life. Show us what our members do best.

There will be 3 Cash prizes awarded.

First Prize 250.00

Second Prize 150.00

Third Prize 100.00

Your entries need to High-resolution images which means they have at least 300 pixels per inch (or 300 dpi), which makes them good for printing. For a really comprehensive explanation of phone camera resolution go to:

Email your entries before 31st December, 2021 to:

Photo Credits

Some tips on how to take good photos with a phone.

1. Take multiple shots.

2. Make sure your lens is clean.

3. Learn what your camera can do – there are lots of online camera blogs.

4. Stick to outdoors and use natural light where possible and shoot away from the sun.

5. Avoid digital zoom, it results in lower resolution and may make your photo ineligible.

6. Use high dynamic range (HDR) if your Smartphone has this option.

7. Use editing tools, like photoshop.

8. Apply the rule of thirds and think about the framing of your shot.

9. If the shot is dark, rest the phone on a flat surface.

There are lots of tips on how to take great photos with your phone on the Internet. Click here for some websites which may help and there are many more.

Please ensure any person in your photographs for the competition have signed the below consent form - please download and submit with your entries.

Tasmanian Women in Agriculture Image Consent Form V0.1 (DB 9 Aug 21) SN 2.11.21
Download PDF • 110KB

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